Under 10s Information
Coolbinia West Perth Junior Cricket Club
Coolbinia West Perth Junior Cricket Club

Under 10s Information for 2019/2020 Season

  • Age group Year 4 in school at time of registration.
  • Game Days -Saturday Mornings
  • Training Starts - Mid to End of September / Beginning of October
  • 1st Game - 19th October - Check Fixtures for after that
  • Ball Size - 142 Grams - Softball Junior  (Traditionally harder ball comes in at Under 12s)
  • Summary Rules and Format of Game - Click To See PDF.
  • Players Per Side - 7 up to 9. If additional registrations, generally a player rostered off system is done.
  • More info on rules in detail

Registrations for Under 10s 2019-2020 are still open.

Note - Registrations for under 10s for Coolbinia 

- While Registrations are open - go to playcricket.com.au and register.

- Once Registrations are closed -  If you have an under 10s player, please register them at one of our great neighbouring clubs.  You can always transfer into Coolbinia next year if you still want to.  Just go to www.playcricket.com.au and put in your postcode to find local clubs.  Register under 10s player here

Or contact the club to see what options are available


Coaching and Co Coaching and Team Support

Under 10s is the first age group where a parent or parents need to take on the role of coaching for the team to run.  Training for this age group should take around 1 hour and game day is about 2 hours of play.   We recommend two parents co-coach or Coach and assistant coach.  Enthusiasm, patience, and positivity are the key ingredients as the goal is fun and skills development.

All parents are encouraged to ask what they can do to help.   Just ask the coaches - "Is there anything I can do to help".

Everyone is busy with lots of commitments and so everyone needs to prioritize helping out to make a better community and cricket experience for your kids.

If you would like to coach or share coaching or support your coach at training, just offer and ask. And ask every week "Anything you need a hand with?"

That's all we ask.



There is a level 1 coaching training session on Sunday 13th October - The Club will pay for this for the parent(s) who volunteer to coach.



Player Information for Start of Season


To help the boys achieve the best that they can be, we would appreciate as many parents as we can to help out during the training when you can, so that we have smaller groups doing different training drills during the sessions. Please note, in selecting the teams we will do our best to accommodate individual requests to be with friends, however, we are unable to provide any guarantees with this.


Training is scheduled for each ___________ afternoon from 4.30pm, at Coolbinia Oval number 2 , with the first training session scheduled for _________________.

We acknowledge that the first training that some of the boys will not be available for training this week.

The kids’ first game is currently scheduled for the weekend of the 19/20 of October.



For match days, the boys will need to wear white shirts and white long trousers, and preferably mostly white shoes, and the Association has a no hat/ no play policy, so a hat is also required.

So the kids play as a team, we recommend that the club’s shirt and hats are worn and these can be purchased online at https://www.coolbinia.cricket/.

It would be appreciated if orders can be completed as soon as possible, as we have been advised that the supplier has requested orders be submitted early next week to ensure items are ready for the start of the season.  

Plain white trousers can be bought at numerous outlets including Kmart, Rebel and Jim Kidds etc. 

We would recommend collared long sleeve shirts and a wide brimmed hat for best sun protection of players, especially in this young age group.



Whist the club provides some kit for each team, that includes all the equipment required to play on game day, the boys are more than welcomed to bring and use their own gear, but please ensure they have their name on each item. We also highly recommend that each player buys their own “box” (official term- abdominal guard).

Bats in this age group can be the Kashmir bats which are generally cheaper as the ball is a softball and they will be growing so when they hit under 12s, an English willow bat is then recommended. 

The kit bag will include batting pads and gloves but also consider some hand me downs from friends or older players for your player.

If your player has medical issues that the coach should be aware of please inform them at the beginning of the season and remind them as appropriate.

Buying Gear can be done from revo sports in Shenton Park (Past the bus depo, near cat haven) - mention the club to get a 10% Discount.   - www.revocricket.com.au  (Cricket Shop is upstairs in this complex)

37 Lemnos Street, Shenton Park, WA 6008 - Phone: (08) 9388 3430 - www.revocricket.com.au



Games are played as home or away games on different fields, generally, within 5-20 minutes drive from Coolbinia/Yokine.


Website for more information for our area