Under 16s and 17s Information
Coolbinia West Perth Junior Cricket Club
Coolbinia West Perth Junior Cricket Club

Under 16s and 17s Information for Season

  • Game Days -Sunday Mornings
  • Training Starts -  End of September, Early October
  • 1st Game - ?? th October - Check Fixtures for after that
  • Ball Size - 156 Grams
  • Rules and Format of Game - Click To Find Rules Under Competition Section.
  • Players Per Side - 11

Registrations for Under 16s and 17s is open  

Register at playcricket.com.au with Coolbinia West Perth Junior Cricket Club (Postcode 6050)

Coach Contacts

U17s Scott Slater - 0409 119 028- [email protected]

U17s Nick Milentis - 0409 087 758 - [email protected]

U17s Dale Carter - 0411 352 766 -  [email protected]



Coaching or Co Coaching and Parental Team Support

All parents are encouraged to ask what they can do to help.   Just ask the coaches - "Is there anything I can do to help".

Everyone is busy with lots of commitments and so everyone needs to priorities helping out to make a better community and cricket experience for your kids.

If you are able to take on a shared coaching role to help organise training sessions and game days let the current coaches know. Just offer and ask "Anything you need a hand with?"

That's all we ask.


Player Information for Start of Season


For match days, the boys will need to wear club shirts and white long trousers, and preferably mostly white shoes, and the Association has a no hat/ no play policy, so a wide brim hat is also required.

So the kids play as a team, we recommend that the club’s shirt and hats are worn and these can be purchased online at https://www.coolbinia.cricket/.

It would be appreciated if orders can be completed as soon as possible, as we have been advised that the supplier has requested orders be submitted early next week to ensure items are ready for the start of the season.  Plain white trousers can be bought at numerous outlets including Kmart, Rebel and Jim Kidds etc.



Players at this age are expected to have their own equipment including

Helmet (Covid Restrictions)

Gloves (Covid Restrictions)


We expect pads and bats may be shared at this time and if finances are tight, the club has some equipment that can be made part of the kit.  Just request this