Grounds and Clubrooms
Coolbinia West Perth Junior Cricket Club
Coolbinia West Perth Junior Cricket Club

Grounds and Clubrooms 


- Grounds Contact is Louis Cronan from City of Stirling

In 2019 -

a) Louis organised for Coolbinia Number 2 Nets to be assessed and replaced.  Coolbinia number 2 is built on a rubbish tip so levels need sorting every now and then. The nets had deteriorated to the point coaches would not use.

b) The Grass onto the pitch at Coolbinia 1 was a few inches high and causing problems for bowlers over the past couple of years.  The council relayed the turf around the pitch to make it safer and smoother

c) We asked about pitch roll-on Coolbinia 2 - Need to take a video and see.  Again probably an issue from being on an old rubbish tip.


When there are safety issues re grounds or other issues of maintenance, 


Stirling Clubs Development Officers

Ryan Popovsky, Louis Cronan and Cameron Dall

Club Development Officer
Telephone 08 9205 8941





We were advised by Council that this was a club responsibility and so it looks like some white paint, a paintbrush and a straight edge are needed to remark the lines from time to time.

This is something that may be done by a senior club or any coach or parent with some initiative.


Nets Artificial Turf Recommendations to Council

Ask Councils to use turf all the way as the cricket balls get ripped apart when the go from artificial turf to concrete.




In 2019/2020 - Cricket Club has a 6-month lease from City of Stirling of clubrooms. Football club does the same in winter.  Cricket club and Football club have agreement re some cost-sharing of certain upkeep of clubrooms and have separate responsibilities as well.

Committee collaborates with Coollbinia Bombers on this.

The agreement was initially set up by Wayne French and Rob Geerrssen and will be adjusted in 2019/2020 by Rob Geersen and Dale Carter / Ian Yiannakis.


Prior to 2019/2020 - Coolbinia Cricket Subleased off Coolbinia Bombers and has an agreement to share maintenance and upkeep on items and should budget accordingly each year. This maintenance agreement is likely to continue