Hot Windy Conditions Precautions
Coolbinia West Perth Junior Cricket Club
Coolbinia West Perth Junior Cricket Club

Coaches and Parents Info to Pass onto Parents For Hot and or Windy Days.

Hi Cricket Parents. Summer has come early.

Tomorrows weather conditions are expected to be very hot and very windy so please ensure

- Get there early
- START EARLIER and push through quickly
- Sunscreen (Multiple Applications)
- Long sleeve shirts if you have
- Broad brimmed hats - Caps don't cover ears very well. My father is missing one of his from skin cancers. - not pretty.
- Cold Water
- Water for batsmen on the grounds - Straws can be good so they can get a drink without taking helmets off. Umpires can hold water bottles for them to help keep to times
- Regular Drinks Breaks. Parents to give kids drinks if fielding on boundary.

WINDY CONDITIONS UP to 40KMH - Dangerous Gazebo Situation.
- Use shade from trees or building where possible instead of gazebos due to high winds.
- Gazebos to be properly secured and adjusted during the day
- I would sit two people on one leg each to hold the legs of your gazebo in case of strong wind gusts.
- I do not want 10 busted gazebos or $1500 in costs tomorrow so proper securing and some extra TLC will be helpful
- More importantly, A gazebo can be a dangerous weapon if grabbed by gusty winds and it happens before you can react. Please ensure they are safe. Take bigger pegs if you have than the ones they provide.

Other than that. Enjoy your cricket and lets hope for some great performances in trying conditions.


Dale Carter
Coolbinia West Perth Junior Cricket Club.
Mb: 0411352766