Running Sheet to Keep Club Organised
Coolbinia West Perth Junior Cricket Club
Coolbinia West Perth Junior Cricket Club



JULY 1 - 30 Each Year

  1. Organise Insurance - Wayne French organised for 2019/2020 season - See Link

AUGUST 1 -30 Each Year

  1. Coolbinia Cricket Committee Meeting Early August to Hand Over Roles to InComing Position Holders and Committee
  2. Follow up email to players to register if not already as we aim to finalise teams by 15/9/20XX. (ASAP) - CLICK HERE FOR HOW TO DO.
  3. Email to coaches to assess their interest in season 2010/20. Club has a standard coaching application form. (ASAP) - CLICK HERE FOR HOW TO DO
  4. Put Coaches into WhatsApp Group for easier communication.
  5. Complete City of Stirling Ground Booking form for the upcoming season. (ASAP) (Click Link) (Treasurer does this)

    1. President/Committee to Email Weekly to Parents within with links to registration Page at (See how here - How to Email.
    2. Email to Each Age Group - An eamil to each age group will be more successful than to the club overall as parents feel you are talking more to them.

      Here is link on how to do it - Watch This

    3. Email to Parent to share facebook page
    4. Phone and then Emails to Junior Presidents of Mods Hockey and President of Bombers Football, Noranda Netball.  

    5. Post-registration links on facebook and progress. Upload pictures. Use to create pictures

    6. Sign Boards for Junior Cricket to be made up and placed next to fields of Coolbinia 1 and Coolbinia 2, Yokine East on the roadsides.   (Instructions Here - TBD)  - Purchased 20 small at $6 each and 8 larger at $11 each from Bill G at Image Promotions WA Osborne Park Unit 2/28 Guthrie Street on 92441464.  Need to use zipties to tie small signs to to fences around primary school and put large ones in between two start pickets around playing fields. Also tie to cricket nets to pick up those that play at nets.

    7. Permission for signboards of what type from Stirling Council - Contact Louis Cronin and find out. 

    8. School Marketing - ???? Need a process to be created here to give to primary schools. (Instructions Here - TBD)
      1. The WACA does things called school activations which include Coolbinia, Yokine, Kyilla, Carmel in our area. You want to find out when this is and perhaps be good to attend one or two of this if you more actively want to grow the registrations.  Wear Coolbinia shirt, cap etc to be easily identifiable.  Girls Cricket is equally important as boys cricket.  The clubs aim us to promote Inclusion and belonging through cricket.

        Comments from Margie Oldham from Wmebley is that they are best done after school so parents are there or before school so parents are there as they will do the registrations.  Need more info on what works best.

    9. Ask Bombers football club to send an email with a link to the cricket registration page. - Likewise, we can reciprocate at the end of the cricket season.

    10. Ask Bombers President if we can come and be at the Auskick windup.  This year was 10.00 to 12.00 on a Saturday early in September. Bring a table and setup by getting some cricket gear out and some photos from store room so its clear. Have some flyers from WACA - they have online flyers to download and print.  Also print of 5 sheets which ask for Players Name, DOB, Parent Name, Mobile, Comments.  And get these forms filled in so can get back to parents with info.  Got 25 names last year.  Automated text message back.

    11. Coaches to ask parents to ask players to encourage last years players to sign up again. Peer pressure in older groups can work better to inspire players to want to play as opposed to parent pressure.

    12. The future of the club rests on Junior Blasters and Master Blasters sign ups being healthy.  Ensure 5-10 year olds marketed to.

SEPTEMBER 1- 15 Each Year

  1. Usually an Association Meeting at WACA where President meets other club Presidents and gets updated in early September.
    • Get given info on the progress of club registrations across the district
    • Announced about any new initiatives from WACA or Cricket Australia
    • Funding and Grant opportunities
    • Rule changes coming through
    • Timelines to get things organised for coming season
    • Opportunity to raise any improvements you think should be worked towards
  2. Continue to Email Parents notifying of Registration Cut-Offs by September 15 so we can know what teams to put up for November 1 Submission and best to do 3-7 days before this.
  3. Shirts for Girls, Boys, Master Blasters need to be ordered early on in September. See separate page re this.
  4. Coolbinia West Perth Junior Cricket Club Committee Meeting to Report on Meeting in 1 and Keep Player Registration Marketing On Track
    • Set Date For Coaches Meeting
    • Set Date for Scoring Training Night for Parents
    • Task Grant Allocations
    • Fundraising Opportunities, Toyota Raffle, Other, Bunnings (Older Boys can run - book a Saturday) Raises $600-$800
  5. Attend Coolbinia Bombers Auskick Football windup to promote cricket registration. Be in touch early with [email protected]
  6. Finalise teams once registration date cut off is met. (By 1/10/2019)
  7. Appoint coaches to teams. (ASAP) - This is done as teams are being created.
  8. Hold Coaches meeting from the club perspective to set out expectations and planning issues for the upcoming season. (By 1/10/2019 as they need to attend the CJCA coaches’ managers meeting on14/14/2019  - This year (2019) at the Willow Room.)
  1. Provide coaches with team lists and access to Mycricket for them to commence communications with players. (Once coaches are appointed)
  2. Coaches to notify players of training dates and venues for training. (ASAP once coaches are appointed)
  3. Notify Central Junior Cricket Association (“CJCA”) of team nominations. (Paul Worthington – 0450 882 140-  by 1/10/2019)

Other  - 
  • Cricket Clinics and Pre Season Cricket Camp Promotion 
  • Send email notification out about Pre Season Cricket Camp through My Cricket once get from David Virgo or similar - See How Here.


  1. Coaches to attend Coaches/Managers meeting on 14th October 2019 with CJCA to be updated on rule changes and to receive the first 3 games of fixtures (hopefully more).
  2. Coaches to Notify their times of when and where games are.
  3. Select players into teams on Mycricket system. (Prior to the first game)
  4. Coordinate training nights with coaches and liaise with Senior clubs. (ASAP once coaches appointed)
  5. Order cricket gear from Revo Sports. (prior to the first game)
  6. Allocate gear bags to each team. (Prior to the first game)
  7. Book in Photographers for endo of season before Christmas can be good - see below.


  1. Order Photographer for team photos – Photohendriks – 9361 3206 – 120 Burswood Road Burswood. Can do this at any time. (Maybe a good idea to get it out of the way before Christmas to avoid the last-minute rush.)
  2. Order trophies – Karen and Brendon at Trophy Warehouse - 9276 5477 Unit 1, 29 Rudloc Road Morley. (They need 3 weeks notice for trophies to be ready.)
  3. Book trophy day venues – Ian to liaise re Entry Level programs of Junior Blasters and Master Blasters. Under 10s to under 12s held on a Saturday morning at the clubrooms. Under 13s to under 16s held at bowling club at night time)
  4. Email players and families of trophy day details



We have usually had players come across to Coolbinia 1 to have their photos taken.  Always an issue with latecomers due to school commitments etc. so even though try to start from about 4:30, photos don't usually start until just after 5 for groups.

  • Cost of Photos - See Treasurer for historical view of this. It is included as part of mycricket fee usually.



  • Need to Have Photos Back of Teams
  • Get Names for Trophies from Coaches and/or My Cricket Stats
  • Compile and Get to Trophy Place
  • Pick Up Trophies
  • Instructions to Coaches on Format for Handing out trophies. - time frames
  • Cost of Trophies. Ask treasurer for historical accounts to get an idea.
  • Trophys for scroing 50 or 100 and hatricks
  • Acknowledgements for amount of games played at club.  e.g. 50 Junior Games.